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Great Piece of American History Great Piece of American History Great Piece of American History

Great Piece of American History


Great Piece of American History


Great Piece of American History

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Great Piece of American History

June 17, 2014 by Estate Auctions Inc.

Antique Wood Magic Lantern Slide Lot/Boxed Set American History/Americana
We Have NEVER Run Across A Find Like This! Auction Ending Jun 23, 2014 18:50:01 PDT

In this auction we have an amazing find, and we are plum excited to offer it to you! Here we have a LARGE LOT (29 in all) of late 19th century wood  Antique Wood Magic Lantern Slide Lot Antique Wood Magic Lantern Slide Lot

framed Victorian magic lantern slides with the theme of American History in their original wooden case/box. These include some absolutely beautiful Americana scenes that are encased in wooden (possibly mahogany) frames. Some of the metal rings have gathered some discoloration to the finish/patina. Each of these wonderful vignettes of American history are shown from a Victorian perspective. This collection is a wonderfully patriotic American narrative. This was likely used as a teaching tool as the final slides show family life preserved by the previous acts of war; the schoolyard with happy and healthy children; proud Columbia with sword and flag; and finished up by the U.S. Flag. these are all in overall good condition and have been kept in their wood box. The paper labels have all but worn away over time with love and use. It appears that many years ago someone numbered them , what they thought, was chronological order (although a few seem out of sequence to us). We are going to list them as numbered below with a brief description and condition report. Each measures approx. 7″ x 4″ x 3/8″. The glass measures 3 1/4″ across. THe hinged box measures approx. 14 3/4″ x 6″ x 9 1/2″. The condition of the slides is quite good,
The Mayflower On Open Seas  Antique Wood Magic Lantern Slide

The Mayflower On Open Seas Antique Wood Magic Lantern Slide

with only a few exceptions. Overall this collection is in really nice, but quite scarce!

1. Landing Of Columbus ~ some background color loss on the reverse side noticeable when tilted but not noticeable from the front
2. The Mayflower On Open Seas
3. Pilgrims Atop Plymouth Rock
4. Revolutionary War / Colonial Battle Scene
5. Another Revolutionary War / Colonial Battle Scene~ this one has some uniform spotting on the glass
6. George Washington Full Length Portrait
7. George Washington Crossing The Delaware ~ some loss of color on the American Flag
8. George Washington Praying On Bended Knee In A Wooded Landscape
9. Revolutionary War Battle Scene
10. Another Battle Scene
11. Revolutionary War Battle of Monmouth Scene Of Molly Pitcher
12. Another Battle Scene
13. War of 1812 Battle Scene
14. ANother War of 1812 Battle Scene
15. Revolutionary War Battle Scene
16. Naval Battle Scene ~ some discoloration on the left side
17. Battle Of New Orleans 18. Portrait of Abraham Lincoln
19. Burning a Naval Fort ~ some discoloration on the left corner and right side
20. Abraham Lincoln Addressing A Throng of Onlookers
21. Civil War Battle Scene With Tattered American Flag
22. Union & Confederate Soldiers Shaking Hands Over A US Flag
23. Battle of The Alamo (?)
24. Naval Battle Scene
25. Blowing Up A Battleship (Possibly the Maine?)
26. Soldier Returning Home From The War / Greeted By His Family
27. Substantial Two-Story Brick Schoolhouse with Children In The Schoolyard
28. Columbia with Sword Standing Atop A Rock With AMerican Flag
29. U.S. Flag Blowing In The Breeze (split in the wood)

If you have any information on anything listed above, please do not hesitate to share. We love to learn and would love to share your wisdom with everyone else. Good Luck!

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