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Orginal Itzchak (Isaac) Tarkay 1935-2012 Orginal Itzchak (Isaac) Tarkay 1935-2012 Orginal Itzchak (Isaac) Tarkay 1935-2012

Orginal Itzchak (Isaac) Tarkay 1935-2012


Orginal Itzchak (Isaac) Tarkay 1935-2012


Orginal Itzchak (Isaac) Tarkay 1935-2012

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Orginal Itzchak (Isaac) Tarkay 1935-2012

February 4, 2014 by Estate Auctions Inc.

Up on auction ORIG Itzchak (Isaac) Tarkay 1935-2012is an original Itzchak “Isaac” Tarkay (1935-2012) Acrylic on Canvas painting of two women lounging in a parlor.  Signed in the bottom left corner.  The colors are stunning.  This was acquired at Bodnar’s Auction Sales, prior to that we have no provenance.  We have studied this, very closely and would date this piece to late 1990’s to early 2000’s.  It measures approx. 29 7/8″ x 23 7/8″, framed approx. 37″ x 31″.    We found the following bio on AskArt:

Itzchak (Isaac) Tarkay  (1935 – 2012)
Lived/Active: Serbia/Israel      Known for: landscape and female figure painting

Itzchak Tarkay was born in 1935 in Subotica on the Yugoslav Hungarian border.  When he was only nine years old, the Nazis sent Tarkay to Mathausen concentration camp.  After the war, he returned home and developed an interest in art.  While still at school in Subotica, he won a prize for excellence in painting.

In 1949 he and his family immigrated to Israel and were sent to a transit camp for new arrivals at Beer Ya’akov.  Their next two years were spent in a Kibbutz.

In 1951, Tarkay received a scholarship to the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, where he studied for a year before having to leave due to difficult financial circumstances at home.  In order to continue his scholarship, he was allowed to study under the artist Schwartzman until his mobilization to the Israeli army.  After returning to the familiar environment of Tel Aviv, Tarkay enrolled in the Avni Institute of Art, which he graduated in 1956.  His teachers there were Mokady, Janko, Schtreichman and Sematsky.

Tarkay has since exhibited extensively both in Israel and abroad, and his works can be found in many public and private collections.

Tarkay focuses on the female figure by using simplicity of form and line, along with a rich palette not unlike Toulouse-Lautrec, to create sensitive portraits of elusive ladies.

The following two paragraphs were excerpted from a biography on parkwestgallery site (His dealer )  (Great Site!):

In the later years of his life, Tarkay shared his gifts by mentoring younger Israeli artists including, David Najar, Yuval Wolfson and Mark Kanovich who often visited his studio, worked alongside him and received his critiques. Tarkay was also the only artist to collaborate with Israeli master, Yaacov Agam (1928). He and Agam created two paintings which incorporated both artists’ imagery in a single painting.

Tarkay spent between five and six hours each day in the studio, six days a week. While he had very little free time, he enjoyed going to concerts, reading books and listening to music, and visiting friends. Tarkay expressed how much he enjoyed meeting his collectors and his happiness to work with the other artists when working with Park West. He felt no sense of competition with them – only love – and was proud to have such a wonderful relationship with the artists, collectors, and gallery

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